Tuesday, 31 July 2012

" OMG is that Kate Middleton?! "

Yesterday afternoon, the sun made an appearance, so I decided to make the most of it. Armed with the July issue of Marie Claire, I took to my garden to soak up some rays. After reading the fashion section and scanning through an article on Whitney Houston, I came to an article with the headline 'The Princess Diaries'. Behind the title was a picture of Kate and Pippa, so I settled down for a few minutes of royal gossip ( I do love a bit of goss)! But, oh how I couldnt have been more wrong! The article was actually about the lows and highs of being a Kate Middleton look alike and the difficult lives they lead: trying to keep up with Kate's newest hairstyle, dress or weight. As it turns out, since the royal wedding Kate look alikes have been popping up left right and centre: on one agencies books there are 90 Kate look alikes, so it's tricky to nab the topspot.  In the photo of the supposed Kate look alikes only one or two actually could be likened to her. It seems almost cruel that these girls think they are in with a chance at becoming 'the best Kate' when the only similiar feature they share with her is hair colour. The old favourite 'Kate' has now been replaced, she said : 'The problem is I'm getting fatter and Kate's getting thinner!', I felt so sorry for her, she quit her job and everything, See how bad it is! And the worst part? People are getting taken in by it, when seen in the street the look alikes are flocked by followers taking pictures on their phones, it's just ridiculous! At first I wasn't sure what to make of the whole thing, but now I hate it. It's awful that girls are getting paid just for looking like someone else. It must be so easy for them to forget who they are, because they're so caught up in pretending to be someone else. What do you think?

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hobbits, horses and horrific noise

On Friday night, I tuned in to BBC1 all set to watch The Olympic Ceremony(even though it clashed with big brother). So there I was sat down in front of the TV when before my eyes appeared a replica of 'The Shires' from The Lord of the Rings on the stage. We are English, not hobbits. I had absolutley no idea what the whole 'olden day village' and horse and carts were about, until my dad pointed out that they were showing Britian through the ages: cue the 'oh yeaahhhh'. I'll admit that the ceremony did teach me one thing, a whole new angle on Brunel, who they made out to be some sort of evil dictator. And then the drums started playing and I actually wanted to put some ear plugs in, it was that loud and noisey. Okay, so i'll admit I couldnt help but feel a little bit proud when the olympic rings, made out of flames, joined each other in the air, but then supposed NHS workers started dancing and an inflatable Voldemort appeared on stage. From there it went even more downhill (if thats possible) , they showed a film of Daniel Craig and the Queen getting into a helicopter and then they supposedly jumped out at the stadium. Of course most people realised that an 86 year old woman could not jump out of a helicopter, with the exception of the few who had their facebook status' as 'The Queen is so amazing, cant believe she jumped out of the helicopter!'. Great, now our olympics will be a worldwide laughing stock- but I suppose they didnt think of that when they decided that two hundred Mary Poppins should fly down from the sky, with glowing umbrellas.

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Me: A girl with a lot of opinions

Hi everyone! As this is my first post and this is the first blog i've ever made, I suppose you could say i'm new to the blogging scene. The question that i'm sure your'e wanting to know the answer to is, why are you blogging? Well, throughout a day, I would say I bite my tongue several times to stop my opinions from flying out at the wrong moments. Because whenever I have an outburst, I end up telling someone why their opinions are completely wrong and mine right, but of course 'opinions aren't fact'. I have an opinion on most things, some of it may seem  pretty mindless stuff: like who I think should be evicted from big brother, or whether I like what Lydia Bright was wearing on the latest episode of TOWIE. But sometimes I come out with a controversial statement about war or poverty. So, my blog will be a way of telling the world my opinions! Please keep looking to see my latest post!