Saturday, 22 September 2012

That annoying thing

I love shopping -or more specifically love clothes- so as you can imagine, I have gone on many shopping trips in my time. You know how annoying it is when you go shopping because you desperately need something (like a top to go with your new wetlook leggings), but you cant find anything? Well I've noticed that the only time you literally cannot find anything, is when you're desperate. For example, when we went shopping for a dress for my sisters party and couldn't find anything, but the party was just a week away. Or when I really needed an outfit for a school competition but we didn't spot a thing. What is the reverse of this? When you're going shopping 'just to have a look' and you end up coming home with practically the whole petite section of Topshop (that has happened many a time), including things that you really don't need. Whats your opinion on my theory? While I'm on the subject of clothes... I was on a certain online shopping website (Topshop, as usual) and saw that the coat section is full to the brim with boyfriend style coats. I'm pretty sure this will be the 'in' thing for the winter. Unfortunately, I doubt they will do much to compliment my 5'2 and 1/2 frame. Another coat that I've just become familiar with is the 'coatigan' which is a coat/cardigan, which- if I'm brutally honest- I am not too fond of.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

'Its called character building'

Hey everyone! This weekend was an important (which is code for extremely stressful) one for me: it was my assessed Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition. I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about but for those who don't, basically,me and the team had to follow a route on a map -without getting lost- and camp overnight (as well as cooking and pitching tents), then we had to wake up, pretty early I may add and do the walking bit again but, luckily, we didn't have to camp for a second night. As you can see from the picture above, it's not exactly a fashion parade, but all about big rucksacks and comfy shoes. Me and my friends had put so much effort into all the preparation we had to do (planning the route and writing route cards) but we actually thought we might fail, due to the fact that we got six miles lost on our practise. Everything went perfectly on our assessed though and we passed, but only after a few tears and tantrums (all on my part). Let's just say, I had a very bad case of 'cabin fever'. Add a heavy rucksack, a supposedly missing food bag and the fact that I don't really get on with the you most of the time anyway, and you will find yourself having to deal with me and the fact that I can sometimes be a bit of a bitch. Lesson learnt though: saying something bitchy will lead to consequences. For me this was stepping in a patch of stinging nettles in flip flops because I didn't have a torch, followed by having to sit in a tent on my own, before finally plucking up the courage to go to the campfire and apologise for just generally being grouchy. Did I mention, that I also got bitten by some sort of insect and I  have two lumps on my back, which have gone down now, but had originally swelled up because of the rubbing from my rucksack and sweat. I now have loads of aching muscles and can confirm I am not looking forward to school tomorrow.  Although after this weekend I can safely say that, all this so called 'character building' is not for me.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Kinda like marmite

Hey guys! So toady I've decided to share my opinion on a pretty controversial topic. No not war or poverty or global warming. Okay, so I lied, it's not controversial at all, it's Justin Beiber. Now I know, about 75% of people groan when ever his name is mentioned, about 15% instantly start giggling, 10% start spurting facts about him,but then there is that 5% who genuinely don't care. I'm going to be honest, I pretty much lie in the 5% bracket. I don't mind if some people want to love him and some want to hate him. I don't care enough to rant either way. But, I've seen in a recent interview that Justin Beiber now wants to be considered an adult and is annoyed at being called 'a teen age hearthrob'. That literally made me do a double take. Does he seriously think that he will appeal to an older audience?  I mean, to be brutally honest, he isn't really that talented, he's just quite a good singer and quite good looking, that's the only reason he's got where he has. Personally I think he's lucky to have the opportunities he's had, considering that there are people out there that are a lot more talented. If I was one of Justin Beibers adoring teenage fans, I would be pretty annoyed at what he said. What do you think?

'I am now adult': Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber says he is now ready to move on to an older fan base as he now considers himself an adult

Sunday, 9 September 2012

A bit random

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't done a new post for a while, but I'm still getting back into the swing of things. So, school is good, after a few glitches with my timetable, I'm beginning to settle down. It's weird really, but it already feels like I've been back at school for ages: I suppose I could even say that it seems like I haven't had a holiday at all. I can already tell that this year will be a lot more work, they certainly weren't shy about giving us homework on our first two day's back. And every teacher seems to get a thrill out of telling us how hard the GCSE course's are and how the new mark scheme is making it even harder. Seriously, If I have to sit through one more lecture about controlled assessments, coursework and exams I think I'll just walk out. The main difference that I've noticed, is that the teachers are obsessed with folders. Last year, we had exercise books for every subject, but not this year. Its all 'get a ring binder folder for your work' or 'get a plastic wallet for your work' or even 'get a plastic wallet and a ring binder for your work'. Anyway, school is definitely wearing me out, and now that I have no Big Brother to watch, I'm getting a lot of early nights. Speaking of Big Brother, I was so pleased that Julian won, he absolutely deserved it! How are all of you?

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Goodbye Summer...

Hey! Today was the last day of the summer holiday's, which have gone by so quickly! I suppose there's always an element of sadness when the summer holiday's end, but mostly I look forward to getting some structure back in my life; even if that does mean getting up at 6:30 everyday. I also begin to realise that I miss the people I spend my school day with, and even some lessons. I'm definitely looking foward to the moment when I open my timetable and see which teachers I have. This school year will be very different for me, as I am starting GCSE's, which is a little scary but at the same time ridiculously exciting. Mostly it'll be strange seeing the year sevens, looking lost in the corridors, because it seems like only yesterday that I was one of them; the last three years have flown by. The photo shows my new school shoes (black, patent loafers, from Topshop) and my school bag (leopard print rucksack, from Primark). Please comment with any thoughts!  

Sunday, 2 September 2012

What is that?

Making a fuss: Pam Hogg, who can count Lady Gaga as a big fan of hers, was seen holding Lady Mary's dress for her

Hey everyone! The other day, I came across an article featuring the wedding of Lady Mary Chateris (apparently, we're supposed to know who she is) and my initial reaction was, 'who?'. I've got to say, that was definitely better than my second reaction of 'what is that?', which came when looking at the wedding pictures. I was talking about her wedding dress. Before my eye's was a cut out, see through, frilly, mismatching monstrosity. Of course, designed by none other than Pam Hogg, who has famously dressed Lady Gaga. The article tactically called it 'odd' obviously not wanting to be brutally honest, hideous is the more the word that comes to my mind. I find myself wondering, if she actually wanted her wedding dress to look like that. I'm all for making a statement and being different, but this is going a tad too far. Although, I supposed it ensured that all eyes were on her.  What do you think?

Odd wedding gown: Lady Mary Charteris wore a Pam Hogg design when she married her boyfriend Robbie Furze this weekend