Thursday, 25 October 2012

A little story...

In May last year, I started parliamentary debating. I know it sounds ridiculously boring and snooty but it's actually not too different from normal debating. It was me and a few others in my year, we didn't have much experience, but did a few competitions against local schools. Midway through June, we got invited to a competition hosted by and at Eton College, yes the really posh Eton college that Prince William and Harry went to: not to mention Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea. We went along, just for the experience, not expecting to win or anything. We didn't win, the other debaters were a lot more experienced - from a range of schools and a range of ages. Although that competition didn't go too well, we carried on debating at school, hoping to improve. Then came a really exciting opportunity: Eton had invited all the schools that participated in the debating competition to train with their team, once a week for a year. We jumped at this chance, and lets just say that under the watchful eye of the coach we are definitely improving:even if it is slightly intimidating being in a room with older, more intelligent and more confident Etonians. I can honestly say that I'm probably in the room with the future Priminister, which is a pretty good feeling. Eton is actually a little bit like Hogwarts, I have a sneaky suspicion that they have a great hall. Anyway, have a look at this video, I think it's hilarious, tell me what you think.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Velvet shorts

Hi all! So, today me and my friends went out for a meal, to celebrate one of my friends turning fifteen- yay for being able to get into 15's at the cinema, without being given death stares by the staff, who know your not fifteen because they saw you the previous week buying a child's ticket. Anyway, there are some velvet shorts from Topshop, which I am literally in love with and I decided to wear them with tights and creepers. I bought two tops to go with them, one an army print top and the other a cropped burgundy top. I don't often do outfit posts, so I thought I would go for it today! What do you think?


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Pointe shoes

Hey everyone! Firstly, I think I owe an apology for my lack of posts recently, school work is getting on top of me slightly. But I'm coping and all the work has slowed down now- teachers still love to spring surprise homework on us though. But anyway, yesterday I went on a little excursion to London to get my first pair of pointe shoes. I've been doing ballet for nearly three years, and although I'm not particularly good and in quite a low grade, I really enjoy it. When I heard that for the next grade I would be going on pointe, I was so excited. My teacher, gave us all a whole list of dance shops in Covent Garden to go to, because apparently the local dance shop, isn't good enough. In the end, I only needed to go to two of the shops, because I found the perfect pair in the second shop I went to. The person who was fitting the shoes, also told me I needed loads of other things, so that the shoes don't ruin my feet- which I was worried about a little bit. My teacher also told us, that we needed to sleep in our pointe shoes to soften them up, lets just say that sleeping with your feet in what feels like a solid concrete sock, Isn't fun. I cannot wait, to get started on actually doing some pointe work in class, although I've been told that it's really painful. Below are the photo's of my shoes and all the other bits and pieces we had to get with them.