Friday, 31 August 2012

Honey boo-boo slightly sour?

So, I'm not sure if you've heard about Honey boo-boo and her family, but as far as I'm concerned, it's been impossible not to hear. But for the benefit of all those who, may not have had the misfortune to hear about the antics of the six year old beauty queen, I shall explain. Honey boo-boo struck fame on the TV series 'Toddlers and Tiaras' (yes, the one where you watch toddlers wearing make up and competing to be the most beautiful). Although it was apparent that she wouldn't win a beauty pageant, it was the fact that her mum gave her an energy drink of red bull and lemonade and told her to 'shake her booty', that made her stand out. After this, it's only natural that the irresponsible mother and her family should be given their own TV show (of course, who doesn't want to watch that). Having your own reality TV show for spending money and partying is one thing, but having one for being chavy and ignorant is completely another. And now it seems that Honey boo-boo and her mum (June Shannon) are everywhere, a new enthralling story released everyday. Yesterday it was the fact that all the fathers of June's children-bar one- are /were in prison, today it is Honey boo-boos fake tan. I just don't think it's right for them to be getting so much attention, no doubt it's making other people think 'If I dress my daughter inappropriately, say ludicrous things and then speak in a voice no-one can understand, I'll be famous and have my own TV show!'. What do you think?


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Shoe hate

Last week, while watching the season finale of TOWIE ( I can't believe its the end of the season already)  a certain pair of shoes- being worn by Jessica Wright- caught my eye. I had to do a double take and when I was sure that Lady Gaga's feet hadn't suddenly appeared at Lucy Mecklenburgh's 21st birthday, I said 'eugh look at her shoes'. They were  like the shoes shown above, only slightly less vile. After doing a little more digging on these horrendous shoes, I've found pictures of various celebrities wearing them. I now find myself wondering whether I am criticising the next big thing, because if so I know I will find myself having to change my opinion. Because, to be honest, I am a bit of a slave to fashion. Fine, if I don't like them, I won't wear them myself, but I'll have to act like I like them when everyone else is wearing them. Fashion, is a little bit like dominoes, once one person starts, more people follow, then more people follow that and eventually we are all walking around wearing ludicrous things, just because everyone else is doing it. Until, we browse through our facebook pages in a few years time and laugh at how awful we all looked. And lets be honest, if these shoes are the next big thing, we will definitely look back and say 'what were we thinking?'. Whats your opinion on the shoes?


Monday, 27 August 2012

'Out of stock'

Yesterday- being the self confessed online shopaholic that I am- I had my usual browse through the 'TopShop' website. While looking intently at the petite dresses, a certain dress caught my eye. It was a metallic, sparkly,silver, t-shirt dress, and instantly I could see myself in it. It was one of those moments, when you find a peice of clothing that you love and you know you will be spending the rest of the season wearing it. So I did what anyone would do and clicked on it, so that I could zoom in and see what it looked like on the dummy. After spending a few minutes looking at the dress from all different angles, I focused my attention on the sizes. I braced myself, as I pressed the drop down menu and found size six. Looking across, I saw the three words we all dread. 'Out of stock'. Its occasions like this, that I find myself sighing in fustration and angrily closing down the computer, thinking, 'why out of all the sizes does it have to be mine that's out of stock?'. And then thinking 'If only I'd looked yesterday, I may have been able to get my size'. Then comes the anxious waiting and sheer desperation that inevitably follows everytime, wondering 'will it come back into stock'. Has this ever happened to you?


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Everyone's talking about it...

Scanning through the pages of Daily Mail online, one story seems to be frequently popping up, yesterday the same story was mentioned on daytime TV and on the radio. And a few days ago it was released in all it's glory on the front page of 'The Sun' newspaper, leading to predictable outrage and tensions. Nope, I'm not talking about Lauren Goodger getting cut from TOWIE. I am of course referring to Prince Harry's most recent tabloid scandal the 'getting drunk in Vegas, playing strip pool and letting someone take a photo of you completely naked' incident (that every prince needs to experience once in his life). First I just want to say, I'm not sure why it's surprised everyone, Prince Harry is constantly misbehaving, it's not like it's a first. And I also don't understand why everyone is surprised at 'The Sun' for publishing the photo's of him, they just want to sell newspapers. Although it has shown the royal family up, I really don't see that much of an issue. I mean, do we really want a ridiculously boring royal family? I know I don't. Prince Harry hasn't done anything wrong, neither has the person who sold or published the pictures. I blame the body guards with Harry at the time, who knew full well pictures were being taken. Rumour is that £125 million is being spent on security for Harry per year which, considering they couldn't stop this, is absurd. What do you think?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

There goes all the drama

Hi everyone! Now I'm sure you're all wondering why I haven't yet posted about my favourite reality TV show, Celebrity Big Brother. Well, your wait is over! So far I would describe this round of celebrities as, false and bitchy. Most of the young girls are trying to flirt with the boys at every available moment, but then insisting 'I'm seeing someone that I really, really like'. Of course Jasmine Lennard (who allegedly had an affair with Simon Cowell) didn't quite fit in with the crew and told the girls-in no uncertain terms- what she thought of them. It was inevitable that she would be walking out of the doors at lasts nights eviction and although I know that her nasty ways had to go, part of me wanted her to stay. Because, let's face it, we all like a bit of drama and now that she's gone, we might actually see the house in harmony. I've got to admit, the person that has surprised me most so far is journalist Samantha Brick. I'm sure you all remember her article ( for The Daily Mail), where she stated 'women are jealous of me because I'm beautiful', but I think we all judged her too soon. She seem quite popular in the house, which suggests that she's not the person we all thought she was. Please comment with your thoughts and opinions!
Jasmine Lennard is evicted from the Big Brother House at Elstree Studios on August 22, 2012 in Borehamwood, England.


Monday, 20 August 2012

Look who I saw!

Hey everyone! Those of you who are familiar with my blog, will know about my love of  reality TV. But for those who don't, I basically spend my time watching the trashiest programs on television. 'Made in Chelsea' is of course included in this list: Its a must watch if you love fake fights and obviously set up situations. So as a 'Made in Chelsea' lover, you can imagine my reaction when I saw Rosie Fortescue, casually collecting her suitcase at Gatwick Airport. After stalking her for a few minutes, me and my friends had to consider the un-spoken rule. The rule I'm talking about, is the one we have with all very famous celebrities, the 'dont talk to me, draw attention to me or come up to me' rule. But, after umming and ahhing for a while, I thought, why not? So I boldly walked up to her, saying 'Rosie, could I have a photo with you please'. My friends were all standing by, phones at the ready, and the photo above is the result. Strange though, the buzz you can get from seeing a minor celebrity, don't you think?

Saturday, 18 August 2012


While on Holiday in Corfu, I visited my first ever water park. "First ever water park!?" I hear you cry, I suppose you could say that until now I have never lived. When we arrived, we were all given a bright yellow wrist band:which I'm still wearing now, I may add. Straight away, we headed towards the slides, first going on the more tame ones, to prepare ourselves for 'The Extreme game'.

The picture above, is of the two slides called 'The Extreme Game', practically vertical drops, these slides are not for the faint hearted. Fortunately- the adrenaline seeker that I am- I had no qualms with throwing myself down a slide that allows you to free fall, before hitting the bottom and getting thousands of water droplets sprayed in your face. I also, decided to give a few of the tubes a go, but after nearly drowning in one and getting momentarily stuck in another, I decided that tubes aren't really for me. I definitely learnt something from my time queueing up for the slides: very few people acknowledge that you are not supposed to queue jump. In fact, there was a showdown between my friend and a man who was trying to sidle his way to the front of the queue, in which there was a slight shouting match ( cue the staring and dirty looks). But at least after this day out, I no longer have to guess what it is like to be hit in the face in a wave pool or go down a pitch black tube in a dingy.  What about you, do you love the thrill of a good water slide or do you prefer the lazy river?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

"Didn't you ever want to be a part of something different? Something special?"

A couple of weeks ago I saw the TV advert for Step Up 4, and I'll admit I got rather excited ( I'm a bit of a sucker for dance films). So a few nights ago, me and my sister happily took our seats in the cinema, ready for what we expected to be an action packed film. I remember going to see Step Up 2 when I was quite young, it was edgy, full of gangsters and packed with words that I'd never heard before and have never heard since. The dancing was amazing and the story line was good. Unfortunately, Step Up 4 cannot be compared to its predecessors , in fact the film that I closely compare it to is high school musical. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with that ( we all love a cheesy, feel good film once in a while), but what happened to the rebellious Step Up? Although the film was quite weak, the dancing never failed to astound me (even though I'd seen it all before)  and not going to lie, if there does happen to be a Step Up 5, you might just see me happily taking my seat in the cinema once again.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Hi everyone! Sorry for my long absence from the blogging world! I can safely say that after my holiday to Corfu, I am a few waterslides, beaches and Greek salads better off. The photo above shows the view from my balcony, where I spent many peaceful hours reading or not so peacful hours raving to music that I know I shouldnt like but I do.  The photo below shows me at one of Corfu's many beaches (our favourite one), walking along to the end of the pier: Its odd how much of a rush you can get from jumping into the sea and feeling the salt water sting your eyes. The mountains you can see in the picture, are actually Albania which is only seperated from Corfu by about 1 mile of sea. While I was away I heard a very amusing story about illegal Albanian immegrants, travelling to Corfu on inflatables; the Greeks, however, do not find this so funny.

I came home to the end of the olympics and the final of big brother. Which I conveniently got home just in time for. Of course, it is not really the end of either of these things as the Paralympics starts soon and celebrity big brother starts on Wednesday. Expect a few more posts about my holiday!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

A bit of Big Brother

Hi everyone! I'll apologise in advance to those who don't spend their time watching crappy reality TV as, I don't think this post will be of much interest to you. But to those who did spend last night glued to their seats, and gasping at the quarter final of Big Brother (like me) this post will be much appreciated. So, Becky's out! I'll say it definitely came as quite a shock; I was sure it would be Ashleigh and her mean little ways leaving the house. But as usual, I seem to have a difference in opinion to the rest of Great Britain. Yes Becky was a rude, ignorant, gossip, who spent most of the time telling the other housemates that they were 'ridiculous', but at least we didn't have to watch her bossing around her supposed 'love interest'. Yes I am referring to Ashleigh. Don't even get me started on Becky's horrific interview that followed the nasty reception she got, when leaving the house. Since she actually got voted in by the public, I sort of expected her to be in the final. I also was pretty sure that Connor would win (me and a few others it seems: Connor is ironically standing in front of a sign saying 'Connor to win!') and maybe he would've done, if he hadn't decided to take £50,000 on condition that he left the house immediately. Of course, him and Luke S both wanted the money, but in the end it came down to who would win the task. What was this task, I hear you cry? Basically, in front of the them were red buzzers and a timer was counting up to £50,000 , the person who hit their buzzer first got the money, and the loser got a guaranteed place in the final. For a moment I thought neither of them would press their buzzers, then I realised that they both thought they wouldn't win, so what was the point in a place in the final? I've got to admit I am ridiculously glad Connor got that money instead of Luke because although I'm not Connors biggest fan, Luke really is up himself. Coming out with the line 'Guys want to be me, girls want to be with me' does tend to put people off you slightly. The reaction from the other housemates was ... well I'm shocked that they didn't realise there would be some sort of twist with the money: year in, year out, the winner never gets the full £100,000. Last night made me think, would I have taken the money and gone or seen it through to the final? What would you have done?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Olympic fashion

London 2012 Olympics seem so be all that's on every ones minds:watching the races, travelling to the Olympic village and just generally catching 'Olympic fever'. But who would have thought London 2012 would become a fashion statement. Of course, sporty shoes such as, Vans, Converse and Vintage Nike high tops have 'blown up' this year, basically everyone I know owns at least one pair of the previous three. So I suppose it was inevitable that a sporty summer trend would follow. Slouchy sweaters, sporty dresses and running shorts can be seen everywhere: from catwalk to high street. Quite a risky trend, as I'm sure there are some who would be hesitant to wear an 'I Love Sports' sweater and a baseball cap, but for others its the perfect way to get involved in London 2012 (without doing any sports)! I personally made a nod toward the trend a few months ago, on finding a pair of red running shorts in Superdry (which can be seen in the first picture). I either wear these with a denim bralet (Topshop) or a studded top (also Topshop). As well as this, I have my good old navy Converses which I wore all through the winter and will continue to wear throughout the summer. What's your opinion on this trend?