Saturday, 2 March 2013

'I'ma take your grandpa's style'

Hi all! Last weekend, I went on a little trip to London, where was I headed? The dusty, musty, vintage shops of Brick Lane- favourtie of Harry Styles and other celebrities as well as budding fashionista's. Although I do most of my shopping in highstreet shops: my absolute favourite is TopShop, once in a while I like to break free from this generic idea of 'fashion'. I love knowing that I will never see anyone else wearing what I've bought, which makes it completely unique to me. I think thats more what fashion should be about: rather than everyone looking the same. There is something so fulfilling about finding a quirky top or jumper for under a third of the price you would pay in highstreet shops. Lots of people wouldn't even look at the clothes because they hate the fact that they look old, but that doesn't bother me at all. Its not only the shops that I love though: Brick Lane itself is so diverse, the clash of cultures is overwhelming. Not to mention the food stalls are so yummy! On this excursion, I bought some vintage Levi Jeans and a netted American football top. (expect photo's of these in a post soon). Do you like 'thrift shops'?