Saturday, 18 August 2012


While on Holiday in Corfu, I visited my first ever water park. "First ever water park!?" I hear you cry, I suppose you could say that until now I have never lived. When we arrived, we were all given a bright yellow wrist band:which I'm still wearing now, I may add. Straight away, we headed towards the slides, first going on the more tame ones, to prepare ourselves for 'The Extreme game'.

The picture above, is of the two slides called 'The Extreme Game', practically vertical drops, these slides are not for the faint hearted. Fortunately- the adrenaline seeker that I am- I had no qualms with throwing myself down a slide that allows you to free fall, before hitting the bottom and getting thousands of water droplets sprayed in your face. I also, decided to give a few of the tubes a go, but after nearly drowning in one and getting momentarily stuck in another, I decided that tubes aren't really for me. I definitely learnt something from my time queueing up for the slides: very few people acknowledge that you are not supposed to queue jump. In fact, there was a showdown between my friend and a man who was trying to sidle his way to the front of the queue, in which there was a slight shouting match ( cue the staring and dirty looks). But at least after this day out, I no longer have to guess what it is like to be hit in the face in a wave pool or go down a pitch black tube in a dingy.  What about you, do you love the thrill of a good water slide or do you prefer the lazy river?


  1. It would be fun to visit water park again! My last time is probably over ten years ago! I followed you back. :)

    1. yes, waterparks are such good fun! Thanks.

  2. love glides :)
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  3. Love the pictures..even I feel like going on a rollercoaster ride right away!
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  4. I've never been to a water park! Great pictures.

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  5. i need to find one near me, perfect to escape this summer heat!!!!! xO!

  6. great post !

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  7. I definitely prefer crazy water slide! haha