Thursday, 25 October 2012

A little story...

In May last year, I started parliamentary debating. I know it sounds ridiculously boring and snooty but it's actually not too different from normal debating. It was me and a few others in my year, we didn't have much experience, but did a few competitions against local schools. Midway through June, we got invited to a competition hosted by and at Eton College, yes the really posh Eton college that Prince William and Harry went to: not to mention Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea. We went along, just for the experience, not expecting to win or anything. We didn't win, the other debaters were a lot more experienced - from a range of schools and a range of ages. Although that competition didn't go too well, we carried on debating at school, hoping to improve. Then came a really exciting opportunity: Eton had invited all the schools that participated in the debating competition to train with their team, once a week for a year. We jumped at this chance, and lets just say that under the watchful eye of the coach we are definitely improving:even if it is slightly intimidating being in a room with older, more intelligent and more confident Etonians. I can honestly say that I'm probably in the room with the future Priminister, which is a pretty good feeling. Eton is actually a little bit like Hogwarts, I have a sneaky suspicion that they have a great hall. Anyway, have a look at this video, I think it's hilarious, tell me what you think.

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