Sunday, 7 October 2012

Pointe shoes

Hey everyone! Firstly, I think I owe an apology for my lack of posts recently, school work is getting on top of me slightly. But I'm coping and all the work has slowed down now- teachers still love to spring surprise homework on us though. But anyway, yesterday I went on a little excursion to London to get my first pair of pointe shoes. I've been doing ballet for nearly three years, and although I'm not particularly good and in quite a low grade, I really enjoy it. When I heard that for the next grade I would be going on pointe, I was so excited. My teacher, gave us all a whole list of dance shops in Covent Garden to go to, because apparently the local dance shop, isn't good enough. In the end, I only needed to go to two of the shops, because I found the perfect pair in the second shop I went to. The person who was fitting the shoes, also told me I needed loads of other things, so that the shoes don't ruin my feet- which I was worried about a little bit. My teacher also told us, that we needed to sleep in our pointe shoes to soften them up, lets just say that sleeping with your feet in what feels like a solid concrete sock, Isn't fun. I cannot wait, to get started on actually doing some pointe work in class, although I've been told that it's really painful. Below are the photo's of my shoes and all the other bits and pieces we had to get with them.



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  3. ohh they are so sweet ! enjoy them !

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  5. This looks lovely darling, and your blog is fun! Keep up the good work, and check out my new post please !

  6. Congrats! That is so awesome.... I never stuck with Ballet that long. I sure will follow you. Your blog is cute and is worth reading. I can't wait to see what else you post.



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  8. Omg you're good, heard it hurts like hell :P Cute blog! :) Check out mine if you want!Take care!
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