Sunday, 25 November 2012

The end of an era...

Hi guys! I'm so sorry for the recent lack of activity on my blog, I am determined to do more posts! So last night, me and my fellow Twihard friend went to see Breaking dawn part 2. What did I think? That the film producer is obviously wanted to watch all the twilight fans squirm because it is so bad. If you've seen it you'll know exactly what I mean. I think there was actually a point in the middle of the film that I wanted to leave. What was with all their strange appearances? I'm not joking when I say, that I think as all the films have gone on Robert Pattinson has been edited to look more like Voldemort and less like the heart throb that he's supposed to be. Nine years after Stephanie Meyers initial dream that sparked Twilight, four books, five films, many tears, many laughs and many comparisons of boyfriends to Edward Cullen later, it's all over. All I can say is that it's definitely the end of an era.


  1. i have yet to watch twilight ><!

  2. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog.
    It's nice to read that you love my blog.
    Yeah, sure, it's a good idea to follow each other - i've done my part :)

  3. Also still need to check it out maybe this weekend ;)

    Have a great weekend !