Sunday, 10 February 2013


Hey guys! If you read my last post you'll probably know that I recently got my cartilage pierced. To be honest, it was definitely an impulse action, its my first piercing, I haven't even got my lobes done. I wanted my tragus done, but I chickened out after finding out it was the most painful piercing. I will admit, I was sooo nervous and needed my sister to hold my hand, but it wasn't too painful. My inspiration was this vogue article:

It made me realise that piercings can be elegant as well as edgy. After eight weeks I'll be able to change the plain one I'm wearing, to one more interesting.I also love nose piercings, i think they're so different.  What do you think of piercings?


  1. I lovbe piercings, I have my tragus, snug, cartilage, both lobes done twice, and my conch, and to let you know the tragus really really doesn't hurt at all, me and my friend both went and got it at the same time, and we both felt nothing :)

  2. It's really inspiring blog! Love at the first sight <3

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  3. Ive wanted my nose pierced for the longest time when i was younger, now im obsessed with piercing ears, well i keep wanting more holes lol
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  6. I've had the nose piercing the model in the photo has, it's called a Septum. And I've pierced my hips, and still have my nipples done. Trust me cartilage isn't as bad as the more sensitive areas :)

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