Thursday, 22 August 2013

Days out...

Hey everyone! So, on Tuesday I went to London with my Dad and my sister. We decided to travel using Boris bikes, and go to Borough market. After this we went to Leicester square and got tickets for a musical that night. Once we got to Leicester square we were greeted by a mass of barriers and angry looking policemen saying 'you cant stop here'. Scary security, screaming girls: could only mean one thing... One Direction. The 'This is us' premiere definitely caused some hype, seeing Harry Styles face on a massive screen brightened my day anyway! I still cant believe I was just metres away from an indecent amount of Simon Cowells chest hair! Last week me and my family went out to celebrate my sisters results: here is a photo of us: I'm wearing my favourite jewellery, a vintage leather watch and blue oblong ring from Topshop. What do you think?


  1. lovely post
    you look amazing
    love Vikee

  2. Your blog is lovely I am your new follower,hope U follow back